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For an average Internet user, spending a couple of hundreds per month on adult web shows seems like a very big sum of money. And it actually is – for most of the Internet users. But for some this is money well paid. And that is because it lets them do something that they couldn’t otherwise.
Fetishes are the more eccentric way in which a man can blow off some steam. So things can get really nasty during them – they are not the shows for the average visitor of an adult web chat. Some people want just want to see a model masturbating, without anything kinky happening. It is enough for them.
And this doesn’t mean that they don’t have modern tastes. Just like it doesn’t mean that someone watching fetish shows is abnormal from this point of view. To each its own.
In this way, even the most placid and tamed shows can be considered fetishes by those that don’t visit adult web chats. As said, an average Internet user wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on web chats. But some people would. And some of those people would go even further (for example, the most expensive private show with fetishes cost no less than $42 thousand).
Watching just a model masturbate is not enough. Some people like to watch golden showers. Some people like to watch excessive humiliation. Some people like to watch fisting or double fisting. This is what gets them off and they will pay anything in order to see it.
But in the case of the fetish lovers, these are just the usual stuff. If we said about golden showers, then we must at least mention those who love seeing models do the number two too. And since we’re at it, for some there is nothing as watching two models using each other as their personal toilet. This is more than most of the Internet users and even most of the adult web chat visitors can handle.
Compared to this, feet fetishes or even fetishes concerning hairy women (that is, those who haven’t shaved their pubic hair) are something very common.
Of course, there are other forms of fetishes that cannot be digested (pun intended, of course) by many people. And it is no point in explaining them. Just a short mention would do: roleplaying (and, in this case, dressing up like toddlers, with diapers and such), public domination and submission (which can also be seen as exhibitionism), anililagnia (attraction to very old women), as well as many others. You can get an overview of the large array of fetishes if you spend just a few minutes on a live camsite like this one or, even better, on a more specialized site like
People who enjoy these types of fetishes are people like anybody else – they might even be among your friends. What does that tell you? It tells you not that those people aren’t proud of who they are. It tells you that the society just isn’t ready to accept the liberties some of the men take.
Other than that, there isn’t too much to tell. Everybody perceives normality in their own way. So if somebody wants to watch orgies, or somebody wants to watch a full swap show, it is his own choice.