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vhs tape

Usually, people fear making homemade sex tapes. The most important issue is the trust factor, even if it shouldn’t be; when in a couple, or better yet in a serious relationship, trust-related problems shouldn’t exist. It is supposed that the man/woman you are sharing your life is trustworthy, so why not making a sex tape of your most intimate moments?
The nastiness factor involves several smaller issues.
First of all, as said, this is an intimate moment. Being sure that nobody else sees the tape isn’t going to make the idea more appealing, because the camera itself is going to act like a third person. It might be called stage fright or simply shyness, but this feeling will last unless it is tackled with in conversations.
Talking about these intentions, of making a homemade sex-tape, is always a good thing. Besides building up the mutual trust, it helps with disinhibition.
There are plenty of reasons why somebody would want to make a sex-tape: it could be fun at the moment, or when watching it; it could help improve the sex life; it spices things up in the bedroom.
But there are also several reasons against the idea. One of them might be not looking – and sounding – too good. What if your body seems to fat, or too skinny? What if your favorite sex position looks really weird? What if all those thrusting moves and queefing sound are too distracting on the sex tape?
These are pretty good questions, but they all omit one thing: the sex tape is an amateur one; it’s not being shot by porn stars, with a director and a sound technician and a make-up artist looking at you. Sex is fun, and sometimes it is even more fun, especially because of the sounds and the weird positions.
Another thing to consider, especially if you are a man, is the stress factor. And everybody knows that it is pretty hard to have an erection while the mind is thinking about other stuff. The best way of relieving yourself is take a nice, relaxing shower before the happening, a shower in which you could take some of that edge off. This way, you could be able to perform longer and harder than before.

As with everything that concerns the sex life, there can be found many pros and cons. However, there is nothing bizarre and offensive in thinking about shooting a homemade sex tape. It would be just like filming other important moments in your life, such as the moment when you bought your first car.
Shooting a sex tape is a fun way of strengthening a relationship, while also being a novel way of making your intimate moments more passional.