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It’s not required to be a rocket scientist in order to see that during the last decades we are more and more focused on sex. Just think about how things were like 70-80 years ago. Some of you might even ask your grandparents about that era. Nudity was absolutely outrageous, and talking about sex was something alike. Obviously, porn industry was virtually not existent. But what happened since then with mentalities? It’s hard to say, but the fact is nowadays we live in a Sex Age. Wherever you look, you see something of sexual nature. On tv, on magazines, even on the streets, not to mention the internet. With so much sexuality roaming around us every day, it is absolutely impossible not to get affected in a way or another. The bottom line is that world has changed and we changed accordingly. And enjoying watching sex, thinking about sex or making sex is not something that we should be ashamed of anymore. This idea is actually the foundation of this website. Built in the form of a blog, it’s goal is to offer you a cozy place where to find interesting information, intriguing photos, nasty videos and so on. But also a place where you are free to share your own opinions, feelings and desires. I hope this goal will be achieved, obviously with your help and support. Finding ourselves now at the beginning of this journey, I can’t hide my excitement and hopefully I will manage to share at least a bit of it with you as well. See you next time!