Nowadays, when all the inhibitions are gone among the internet users, there is a saying: most men watch porn, while the rest of the men don’t admit to it. This is a reality and we can accept it. There is no need to actually think about the reasons why a man appeals to this easy way of relieving some of the stress (ups, we already mentioned a reason). But what is more interesting is the way we chose the movies to watch on the internet.
And, thank god, there is a huge variety of these films. From the amateur ones to the professional HD ones, from the spy cams to the BDSM ones, we have plenty of choices to make. But what appeals to us the most is something that we are least likely to have in the real life.
Porn stars have the experience when it comes to pleasing us visually. We aren’t searching for naturalness or anything like that. We have that. We want something out of the ordinary, we want something that we won’t get in real life, probably.
Enter the nastiness, enter all the things and positions that would make our partners invoke the old headache excuse. Most of us haven’t experienced the full pleasure of a proper deepthroat, with all the gagging included. Most of us didn’t have the joy of entering the holiest of the holies. We can only imagine what it would feel like to actually enter these tight places, to feel ourselves literally drained after just a few seconds.
These nasty porn stars will light up our imagination from the first moments we see them. It doesn’t take much: they are the embodiments of lust and carnal pleasure. They are our dreams. They are dreams, as a matter of fact.
They don’t need to reveal themselves from the first moments you hit play, but you can certainly guess what they can do. Does she have a big ass and she keeps showing it to the camera? You can certainly envision yourself being the one to actually enter and pound it until you finish. Does she have sensual lips and the camera keeps zooming in on them? From the first moments you imagine yourself thrusting and literally touching her tonsils, making her gag with pleasure.
Keep in mind – these are the least nasty things everybody would do with their partner, but would only experience when watching a porn movie.
Thankfully, we have plenty of free porn websites on the internet. Also, we have plenty of online adult DVDs stores. Our dreams will become a reality, one way or another. Thank you, nasty girls! Thank you porn stars from all over the world! Thank you amateur models that know how to please a man! Thank you!

vhs tape

Usually, people fear making homemade sex tapes. The most important issue is the trust factor, even if it shouldn’t be; when in a couple, or better yet in a serious relationship, trust-related problems shouldn’t exist. It is supposed that the man/woman you are sharing your life is trustworthy, so why not making a sex tape of your most intimate moments?
The nastiness factor involves several smaller issues.
First of all, as said, this is an intimate moment. Being sure that nobody else sees the tape isn’t going to make the idea more appealing, because the camera itself is going to act like a third person. It might be called stage fright or simply shyness, but this feeling will last unless it is tackled with in conversations.
Talking about these intentions, of making a homemade sex-tape, is always a good thing. Besides building up the mutual trust, it helps with disinhibition.
There are plenty of reasons why somebody would want to make a sex-tape: it could be fun at the moment, or when watching it; it could help improve the sex life; it spices things up in the bedroom.
But there are also several reasons against the idea. One of them might be not looking – and sounding – too good. What if your body seems to fat, or too skinny? What if your favorite sex position looks really weird? What if all those thrusting moves and queefing sound are too distracting on the sex tape?
These are pretty good questions, but they all omit one thing: the sex tape is an amateur one; it’s not being shot by porn stars, with a director and a sound technician and a make-up artist looking at you. Sex is fun, and sometimes it is even more fun, especially because of the sounds and the weird positions.
Another thing to consider, especially if you are a man, is the stress factor. And everybody knows that it is pretty hard to have an erection while the mind is thinking about other stuff. The best way of relieving yourself is take a nice, relaxing shower before the happening, a shower in which you could take some of that edge off. This way, you could be able to perform longer and harder than before.

As with everything that concerns the sex life, there can be found many pros and cons. However, there is nothing bizarre and offensive in thinking about shooting a homemade sex tape. It would be just like filming other important moments in your life, such as the moment when you bought your first car.
Shooting a sex tape is a fun way of strengthening a relationship, while also being a novel way of making your intimate moments more passional.

shy couple

A great amount of couples often find themselves wondering how to spice their sex life up a notch. Most people are stuck for ideas, I’ve done this already, or I’ve seen too much of that. It is almost like there is too much sexuality out there now to keep people interested. How can you experiment if you already know the outcome? Well, there is a number of couple out there who have discovered an easy way to express their desire for the new and adventurous through a new type of cyber voyeurism. That’s right, there are couples out there who get their kicks out of making love whilst you log on and watch.
The excitement in displaying your act of coitus to the world at large comes from that good old fashioned concept of ‘we’re bad.’ It is such a naughty feeling having people watch your whilst you give it to your wife. However, most people are far too embarrassed and sophisticated to consider doing real life voyeurism, after all they don’t want to be made fun of, or even worse, to be arrested. The logical place for such devilish acts is of course the world wide web. This is the platform through which this generation gets their birds and the bees talk.
So if you either get a rush from doing it in front of your web cam, or if you simply enjoy watching a loving couple get off on your screen, all you need to do is search for it and there is a wave of websites ready to give you the raunchiest experience of a lifetime. Two less famous such sites where you could take a look are and
The advantage of this is that the couples will be very nasty for you.They are performing after all, and the thing that drives people who are on camera is to please their audience. You are guarantee they are going to pull out their nastiest tricks, and they are going to have the best orgasms that they can muster simply because they know that you are watching them.
You should think of this as well, if they know that you just had a massive orgasm in reaction to their love making, it will make them feel good. They will feel attractive, they will feel sexy and they will feel satisfied. They will remember that they are a hot couple who can still have a hell of a lot of fun and that they can get up to it like any porn star out there.
Now that you have the low down, you can make up your own mind, does nasty couple sex appeal to you? Or are you a member of a particularly nasty couple? Either way it is one of the best methods to get your satisfaction online today. Don’t miss out, get ready to do it.

nasty sex collage
This is a very basic question, but it also needs a very exact answer. First, let’s see what nasty sex means. Although the meaning of this expressing can be incredibly wide, I want to narrow it a bit. So, let’s exclude those extreme things like animal sex, rough bondage and so on… In this case, nasty sex is all about some soft spanking, dirty talking, maybe anal sex or some variations of oral. We can include these as well role playing and fetish practices. I guess you all agree with my point of view. I still have doubts about group sex. Would it fit in our list? I am not sure, so I am waiting for your opinion. But until we figure it out, we will stick to what we already have.

Even though this blog is still very young, I already received some positive feedback from a few of our visitors. What I realized is that guys are much more concerned about transforming sex in a more naughty activity. While some do not have the guts to tell their female sexual partners about their fantasies, others are already doing this, but with mixed results. Some are facing opposition from the girls, which indeed is quite a problem inside a couple.

Let me tell you something: 100% sexual compatibility between a guy and a girl is not a simple thing to obtain, especially at first. But sexuality can also be educated, so don’t gad disappointed if you realize that you two don’t have exactly the same desires. In time, with some talking and some mutual understanding, all will settle down.


It’s not required to be a rocket scientist in order to see that during the last decades we are more and more focused on sex. Just think about how things were like 70-80 years ago. Some of you might even ask your grandparents about that era. Nudity was absolutely outrageous, and talking about sex was something alike. Obviously, porn industry was virtually not existent. But what happened since then with mentalities? It’s hard to say, but the fact is nowadays we live in a Sex Age. Wherever you look, you see something of sexual nature. On tv, on magazines, even on the streets, not to mention the internet. With so much sexuality roaming around us every day, it is absolutely impossible not to get affected in a way or another. The bottom line is that world has changed and we changed accordingly. And enjoying watching sex, thinking about sex or making sex is not something that we should be ashamed of anymore. This idea is actually the foundation of this website. Built in the form of a blog, it’s goal is to offer you a cozy place where to find interesting information, intriguing photos, nasty videos and so on. But also a place where you are free to share your own opinions, feelings and desires. I hope this goal will be achieved, obviously with your help and support. Finding ourselves now at the beginning of this journey, I can’t hide my excitement and hopefully I will manage to share at least a bit of it with you as well. See you next time!